My Story

Knoxville Estate Jewelry Buyer

As a child my older sister always called me, “The Accessory Queen”, but I always dreamed of being a Veterinarian. I spent my high school years riding horses, shadowing vets and dreaming of graduating vet school to join an equestrian practice. So after high school I enrolled at Virginia Tech (home of an excellent vet school) and 5 years later graduated with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. Turns out I’m not a scientist.

After three years of living in Boston, Massachusetts and designing high-end equestrian estates for the rich and the famous I left Bean Town to follow the love of my life cross country where he would be stationed with the US Air Force in Spokane, Washington.

While I’ve loved jewelry (and animals) my whole life, that’s when this antique jewelry journey officially began for me. It’s as simple as this: I walked into a pawn shop and saw an old mine cut diamond for the very first time. I was instantly obsessed with what I didn’t know about antique diamonds (for example, their very existence) so I went home and learned everything I could about them.

Over the past ten years I have immersed myself in everything related to antique diamonds and jewelry. From the history of how antique diamonds are cut and graded to how antique jewelry is made, I am completely self-taught. I pride myself on client connections, customer service, networking and the thrill of hunting for jewels.

We have since settled in gorgeous Knoxville Tennessee where I work with both local and international clients. Clients who work with me always appreciate knowing that I care about them as a human, not as a dollar sign.  As much as I hate to admit it, my sister may have been right. I actually grew up to be an accessory queen.

I’d be honored to earn your business and I would love to connect with you! Fill out the contact form and let’s talk jewels.